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Classic interpretations of Commander X and friends by classic illustrators. Check out our links section for more info on these great artists.  http://www.captneli.com/links.php

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Herb Trimpe
Commander X
Commader X by Mike Fyles
Howard Chaykin
Commander X


Assorted apocrypha...

Commander X
"The Big 3" Cover
Commander X
Golden Age Cover
Commander X
Cover Restoration 1
Commander X
Back Restoration 1
Commander X Movie Promo

Commander X's Twice-told Tales
Stories and adventures from the past, restored to the present for your enjoyment.

After extensive restoration, we're proud to bring you the very first Commander X mystery story printed in 1939 in the pulp magazine "Undersea Mystery #1". Stand by for adventure as we take a trip into the Golden Age when heros were heros and good always defeated evil. Enjoy!

(Special thanks to Dave Poole for his help in the restoration of the text and to Chris Sweet for his input. Thanks to Hugh Tims for his help with the restoration of the front piece artwork.)

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He Who Gazes Into the Abyss...
A Commander X Mystery
The Big 3 Comics
The Return Of Baron Hydro

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