Sea Ghost #1: The Sea Ghost in the Machine
Sea Ghost discovers a dangerous secret when a mysterious sphere transports him to an alien world locked in an endless war. Can he convince the Simas and Phlan to stop fighting and unite against the real enemy? Pin-up by Ramona Fradon. Featuring A and B covers of this aquatic superhero. Written and illustrated by Jay Piscopo.

6 5/8 x 10 1/4, 36 Pages, Full Color $3.99 Š UPC: 0 74470 26292 3 01-- Diamond Number: JAN111269


Commander X All-Star Special
Return to the golden age of high adventure with Commander X in three tales featuring giant monsters, robots, mystery and action! The Red Octopus and the Axis powers want super weapons from Atlantis. Can Commander X stop them? Commander X is part of the ongoing Capt'n Eli graphic novel series. Written and illustrated by Jay Piscopo.

6 5/8 x 10 1/4, 40 Pages, Full Color $3.99 -- UPC 074470267621 01 -- Diamond Number: AUG121224


Captain Midnight
When Nazi super-science launches a monster death-device against London, it's up to Captain Midnight and Commander X to stop the uber-destroyer! But even with back-up from Britannia, Valkyrie, Airboy and the Air Fighters, can the heroes save the day against such overwhelming and unstoppable power? Pin up by Tony Salmons. Written by Brian Augustyn. Illustrated by Jay Piscopo.

6 5/8 x 10 1/4, 28 Pages, Full Color $3.99. Published by Moonstone Books.

From the boundless imagination of Jay Piscopo comes the epic Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli, a graphic novel series in the tradition of Jules Verne, Herge, and classic comic strips like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. With his companions Jolly Roger, a 200-year-old parrot, and the faithful seadog Barney, Capt'n Eli takes readers into a mesmerizing world of time travel, high-tech ships, flying mini-subs, robots, lost civilizations, and undersea empires in conflict.

Fans of classic adventure, meet Capt'n Eli! Created in the tradition of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, this is the story of a boy with extraordinary scientific abilities and unusual ties to the sea. Join Eli as he dives into the Sargasso Sea and meets the mysterious Golden Age hero Commander X. Featuring pin-ups by comics greats Steve Rude, Herb Trimpe and Howard Chaykin. Cover by Steve Rude.
6x9, 104 Pages, Full Color
$9.99 -- ISBN 978-0-9817132-0-5


Stand by for adventure! Volume 2 of The Undersea Adventures of CaptĀ¹n Eli explodes with action as the mysterious Commander X introduces CaptĀ¹n Eli to a world of vast undersea empires. For all ages, this issue is a tribute to the Silver Age of comics and is an imaginative blend of solid comics storytelling and 3-D CGI. Featuring pin-ups by legendary comics artist Herb Trimpe, Joe Zierman of Big Bang Comics, and artist and animator Lauren Monardo. Cover by Joe Zierman.
6x9, 112 Pages, Full Color
$9.99 -- ISBN 978-0-9817132-1-2

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Release dates:
Volume 1 - June 2008
Volume 2 - October 2008
Volume 3 - 2010
Foreword By Charley Parker

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